Studies have shown that Shea & Cocoa Butter improved skin elasticity in 97% of test subjects. For optimal results, we recommended using this product in place of your usual moisturiser all over the body daily.

Apply to face and body to nourish skin in depth, enjoying its delicious

Organic Premium quality

Shea Cocoa Butter

Two of Nature’s richest known butters – virgin Cocoa butter &  Shea butter mixed together to give a sensational blend! Feel your skin softer, supple and naturally glowing. Excellent natural skin moisturiser that gives natural chocolate aroma.

CareLine Shea & Cocoa Butter in pure form is much superior than any diluted lotion form for preventing and treating Stretch marks. It is safe, soothing, and proven to increase skin elasticity and suppleness. We recommend using this product during and after pregnancy or on any stretch marks associated with weight fluctuations.