We Maintain

We are cosmetics manufacturers and committed to design and manufacture cosmetics products that always meet and where possible, exceed our business objectives and client requirements.
To attain above objectives, we are committed to:

• Ensure quality policy is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and supports its strategic direction.
• Establish a Quality Management System (QMS) which is an integral part of our process management and we are dedicated to its continual improvement.
• Provide framework for setting quality objectives at all functions, levels and processes needed for quality management system.
• Quality policy is communicated, understood and applied within the organization and made available to interested parties.
Periodically review the effectiveness of quality management system through internal audit and management review meetings.

Who We Are

Established in 1982 Sydney, Australia, CareLine emerged as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of cosmetics. Compelling their source research facilities and utilising high expertise in industrial technology, CareLine managed to expand rapidly over Australia and the Far East gaining the trust of its clients by ensuring a wide range of products, services, guidance, methodical information consultancy and support. Owners of the universal skincare brand SKINLAB®, StripWax, CareLine Naturals and Nose Strips.

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