Premium quality

Anti-Lice Spray

A perfect remedy for a common concern that many tend to overlook! Care Line Anti-Lice Shampoo offers the safest, reliable and trusted solution to address hair-lice. Effective for use for all adults and children, especially- assuring instant results.
  • One time treatment
  • Hair sensitive
  • 100% Natural
  • Lice and Nits Eradiction


1. Protect the eye area

2. Spray generously on dray hair to cover all hair and area behind the ears until it is fully wet

3. Cover the hair with a hair cap provided (leave in for 10 minute)

4. (Use the comb provided in the package) Comb from the roots to remove any remaining dead lice or nits

5. Wash and repeat once again after 10 days for cautionary assurance of 100% nits eradication