Collagen Face Mask


Collagen masks are clinically proven to rejuvenate aging skin and help eliminate unwanted issues such as wrinkles and fine lines. This revolutionary product is packed with natural ingredients to give you the younger looking skin you have been dreaming about.



Gold and beauty have for long gone together. Cleopatra became well known for her love of the Golden Mask and now celebrities choose facials containing real gold flakes in their hunt for everlasting beauty. This treatment quickly became famous and is in demand for it has the power to whiten, moisturize, minimise pores, control oil, tone, lift and restore elasticity.


Treat yourself to a royal facial treatment using this luxurious spice. Saffron has always been a beauty secret in South East Asia, where it is well-known and used to brighten and lighten skin complexion.

Here are the benefits of saffron for skin:



Shea butter is a heavy fat/oil, extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the karite tree, which is native to African countries including Ehtiopia, Chad, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, South Sudan, etc. It has been used since ages ago for moisturizing and protecting skin & hair from wind, the sun and germs in the environment that can cause infection. Shea butter is rich in powerful anti oxidants and nutrients, as seen below, which makes it so good for the skin.



Papaya is a beta-carotene-rich food filled with powerful enzymes and phytochemicals that are good for skin. The enzymes slow down the formation of fine lines and wrinkles by combating free radicals. The secret beauty nutrient in papaya is papain, an enzyme that has skin-lightening properties and can reduce the visibility of blemishes and acne scars. Together with alpha hydroxy acids, papain acts as a gentle exfoliator that dissolves inactive protein and dead skin cells. Applying papaya topically to skin will soften your skin, leaving it smooth and supple.

Nutrients Beneficial for the Skin

Heals dry, flaky skin.Reduces visibility of acne scars and dark spots.Smoothens out aging skin.

Boosts collagen production.Promotes skin elasticity and firmness.

Exfoliate skin by breaking down bonds between dead cells.

Promotes skin regeneration. Contains anti-inflammatory properties that heals conditions such as acne, rosacea, and eczema. Exfoliates skin. Lightens skin tones and decreases pigmentation. Acts as a skin softener that smoothens out rough
skin and clears acne.

Hydrates and moisturizes dry skin