Day Care Maintains and Protects your Beauty For normal or dry skin, SKINLAB’s Day Care is an excellent moisturising and daily protection helps repairs wrinkles keeps the skin looking healthy giving it a long lasting cocooning feel. Helps smoothen skin and improve elasticity. Helps provide long-lasting moisturisation and hydration throughout the day. Helps provide protection from environmental aggressors including sun exposure. INSIDE FEATURES Enhanced with humid captivation technology for long lasting moisturisation (2nd Moisturiser) Night [...]



About Skinlab

About SKINLAB was founded in 1982 in Sydney, Australia, and over the past two decades it has emerged as one of the leading names in the industry. Backed by extensive research facilities and leveraging its high expertise in industrial technology, SKINLAB has expanded rapidly over gaining the trust of thousands of dermatologists and pharmacists with their constant innovative contributions to providing high class skincare products.