Natural Anti-Lice shampoo



Natural Anti-Lice shampoo

Natural Anti-Lice Shampoo CareLine Tea Trea Oil is extracted and certified by Australian standard AS 2782-2017 international standard ISO 4730: 2017, which ensures medical quality and composition of the oil for eradicating lice and nits minimising sensitivity. 100% Natural No pesticide & no hair damage One time treatment Lice and Nits Eradiction Use for all women and children.



Anti-Lice shampoo

Anti-Lice Shampoo A perfect remedy for a common concern that many tend to overlook! Care Line Anti-Lice Shampoo offers the safest, reliable and trusted solution to address hair-lice. Effective for use for all adults and children, especially- assuring instant results. One time treatment Hair sensitive 100% Biological Lice and Nits Eradiction Zero pesticides