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ever young skin, renewing formula

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Keratin shampoo & conditioner

Specially produced from natural minerals this special hair care pair is 100% sulphate free, enriched with citamins and is perfect for hair in need for Keratin treatment.

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8 in 1 CC Cream

Wearing different layers of skincare
and makeup everyday can be
tiresome and give a heavy wear
feeling to the face.

SKINLAB’s unique CC cream is
advanced with 8 in 1 functionalities!


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SKINLAB's 100 SPF technology
comprises of advanced micro filters
that enable maximum sun protection
and durability.

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Bright Routine

Step 1
Cleanse your face with warm water to open the pores and clean away dirt. Opening the pores allows the cream or oils to penetrate the skin more effectively. You can apply a toner afterwards if you use one.

Step 2
You should then exfoliate on a weekly basis the area of skin to be lightened. This involves removing dead skin cells to expose the fresh new skin cells beneath. You can apply exfoliating cream in a circular motion. Try using a Natural Scrub.

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